Ph.D.   博士(学術)  

Institute for Advanced Study, Kyoto University    

京都大学 高等研究院 

Program-Specific Assistant Professor



    Core Staff Member of Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science 

    リーディング大学院 PWS 分担者

     Team Member of iCeMs Caravan

     iCeMs キャラバン 講師




Herding mechanisms to maintain the cohesion of a harem group: two interaction phases during herding.

Jounral of Ethology

Nov. 2019 Doi: 10.1007/s10164-019-00622-5

Horses prefer to solicit a person who previously observed a food-hiding process to access this food: A possible indication of attentional state attribution.

Behavioural Processes 

Sep 2019, Volume 166, 103906

Kobe University, Graduate School of Intercultural Studies

神戸大学 国際文化学研究科

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